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Q] What Does Psychic means?

  • A person having an ability to see past,present & future events is know as “Psychic”. It is said the person who can predict future events its “3rd Eye” is very active…3rd eye is situated between the “Two eyebrows” near the forehead. Psychic is also know as clairvoyant (telepathic, spiritual,supernatural powers).
  • This is personal view of “Astrologer Priyanka Sawant” on Psychic Powers…according to her everybody has psychic power but few have Develop it within them, then you must be thinking why only few people have Develop this powers, it’s because people are scared to accept the reality that’s why…. what kind reality – To accept the truth of life, Fear of losses, etc…
  • Every psychic have Develop their powers because something must have happened in their life…or some have taken a course in it to develop the Psychic powers between them or some have Develop by naturally. But she feel you can’t learn how to use your Psychic Powers its natural comes to you.

  • As she is born Psychic since my childhood she has experience it is difficult to make people understand how she get to know things…no one believe her at all. People use to criticize her abilities and also make fun of her…. Especial in India people also would say “kali jaban” (bad omen) that means whatever you say…. you give a bad luck to others that why cause them to suffer Bad incident. This is not true psychic can see your present/future & also your past. It took her long to make people understand her psychic powers….Over the years people experience her Psychic predictions…..at time she surprise her self will predicting events…..
  • She believes “Psychic Powers” are “GOD” gifted…..As “GOD” cant directly contact us through mail, phone call, msg, or even talk to as face to face……So he communicate with us in different ways of Code-languages like Psychic Vision, Intuition, Six-sense, Gut-feeling…etc. Which we need to understand & interpret the code to predict his msg to understand Future events….

- Astrologer Priyanka Sawant


There Are different Psychic Ability And Types Of Prediction

For Example:-

  • Tarot Card reading,
  • Palmistry [in India palmistry is not read by psychic mean],
  • Dreams,
  • Deja vu [the illusion of having already experienced or seen something before but which is actually being experienced for the first time.],
  • Crystal Ball Gazing,
  • Intuition,
  • Meditation,
  • Numerology,
  • Past Life Regression,
  • Tea/coffee Cup Reading…etc.

Some of Her psychic prediction.

She could see the complete incident/accident happened in past and even what’s going to happen in future …like

For Instance:-

During “PRIYANKA SAWANT” Childhood, She predicted the below incident……

“One of her school friend’s dad was going to undergo a heart surgery, & his past 3rd surgery went successful but the 4th surgery was going to be unsuccessful and he would die in operation theater an doctor would come out and say he is no more to his family” this complete vision she could see like a movie….due to her psychic powers.

The next day when she went to her school there was news about the same incident which she had seen yesterday…happened to be real the next day and it happened the same way as she had seen.

“She was shocked to know that. When she told people about that they did not believe her an started laughing or would say she is mad.”

She Also Predicted Following Incident :-

Airplane crash,

Train accident,

Friend or Relatives accidents,

Airplane/School bus etc…hijacks,

Bomb blast,

But whenever she told anyone, people didn’t believe her at all at that time, But they believe her now. As they have experience it personally.

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