Crystal Ball Reading – FAQs?????


According to me crystal ball gazing is completely based on psychic & intuitive powers, I will explain further...In crystal ball gazing psychic, intuition powers plays a very important role,Before I explain you what is crystal ball gazing? let me tell you something about psychic powers.

Q] What Does Psychic means?

A person having an ability to see past,present & future events is know as "Psychic".It is said the person who can predict future events its "3rd Eye" is very active...3rd eye is situated between the two eye brow near the forhead. Psychic is also know as clairvoyant (telepathic, spiritual, supernatural). This is personal view of astrologer priyanka sawant on Psychic powers...according to her everybody has psychic power but few have Develop it within them, then you must be thinking why only few people have Develop this power it’s because people are scared to accept the reality that’s why [what kind reality? accept the truth of life].


Q] How Crystal Ball Gazing Works?

In Crystal ball gazing – the psychic reader or you can say Crystal ball gazer use Crystal ball like the projecting screen as their subconscious mind help them to project answer to their question in the Crystal ball, in the form of image, pictures, symbols, signs & sometime you can even see event as if you are watching movie but that would need lot of practice. then the Crystal ball gazer has to interpret those images in the order to get the answer of the question. There are no specific notes or image interpretation available…as every Crystal ball gazer get different images to the pertaining questions.

--By Astrologer Priyanka Sawant


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Please Note The Following Points:-

  • We are astrologer & we are humans not God, its a God Blessing when our  prediction goes right, as we always thank Lord Shiva for the blessing when our prediction goes right....we don’t take the credit of it....because after all God is the creator of every situation...
  • Through astrology studies we predict the future of a human being... So that you can take precaution in advance,
  • Dont contact us for black magic service as we dont provide, we don’t  provide any magic or remedy going against the gods will....
  • Astrologers are not black magic practitioners....
  • We are spiritual people...we believe in God for if you want any negative energies don’t call us.... as we dont provide.

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